Sunday, June 2, 2013

World Cup 1978 - Day Two

Friday 2 June

At school, just as at work, Friday is the best day of the week, and even more when there was a weekend of football to look forward to, with Scotland’s first game being the highlight

Kicking off at 5.45pm that Friday evening was the opening game of group one – Italy v France. This game was live on ITV, with Italy winning 2-1. Apparently there were disputes amongst the French squad regarding cash payments (shades of 2010?)

Then in the evening, the BBC showed highlights of Tunisia becoming the first African side to win a match in the finals as they triumphed over Mexico 3-1 to top the group ahead the Germans, before heading over to the live game – the debut of the hosts.

With no school the next day, I was allowed to stay up for this game, which kicked off at 11.15pm British time. I have very clear memories of the ticker tape parade as the Argentinians walked onto the pitch for their first appearance.

A successful start was made as Argentina beat Hungary 2-1 but it took until the 83rd minute for the winner and by the end of the game Hungary were down to nine men!

After the boring start, at last the footy had got going. One interesting point was that in all three games, the team that scored first went on to lose.

Group 1: Italy 2-1 France
Rossi 27, Zaccarelli 54 - Lacombe 1

Group 1: Argentina 2-1 Hungary
Luque 14, Bertoni 83 - Csapo 9

Group 2: Tunisia 3-1 Mexico
Kaabi 55, Ghommidh 80, Dhouib 86 - Vasquez (pen) 44

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