Sunday, June 23, 2013

World Cup 1978 - Day Twenty-Three

Friday 23 June

During my years at Manor Farm Primary in Hazlemere, I was also a cub scout (bob-a-job, Akela, first aid badge and all that, but scouts did not say dib-dib-dib!) and this weekend was scout camp when our troop along with all the others in the area were to meet in a large get-together.

I can only remember two things about this camp – one, a large group of us sitting around a fire singing various songs, and, two, the fact that I would miss the World Cup third place play-off and have to race back for the final.

Presumably there were events at the camp but these have totally slipped my memory. But today, Friday, after school it would have been get changed, onto the coach, and away we went.

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