Wednesday, June 5, 2013

World Cup 1978 - Day Five

Monday 5 June

Another day without football. Instead back to school – words that still bring a chill 35 years later.

Mondays in the summer were the worst day of the week. Because my class went swimming (or rather 'trying to swim') an activity I dread and loathe to this day.

As I only lived a couple of streets away from my school (Manor Farm Primary School, Rose Avenue, Hazlemere) I went home for lunch at 12 noon and when I walked back at 12.55pm, there would be the big red double decker bus waiting at the front - to take us to Handy Cross sports centre in High Wycombe, for an afternoon of, in my opinion, sheer hell. It was some time working in London before I got over my fear of red buses.

The football news was that Willie Johnston’s test was confirmed and he was to be sent home in disgrace.

Meanwhile England won the First Test against Pakistan by an innings and 57 runs – David Gower made his debut and Clive Radley and Ian Botham both hit centuries.

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