Friday, June 14, 2013

World Cup 1978 - Day Fourteen

Wednesday 14 June

Today the second round kicked off with eight teams left. Boy, did we pick the wrong game to watch. At 5.45pm we sat through BBC’s coverage of a dull 0-0 draw between West Germany and Italy while on the other side Holland, rapidly becoming everyone's favourite, demolished Austria 5-1. Resenbrink scored his fifth goal to equal Cubillas of Peru and I recall much hilarity at the name of Willie van der Kerkhof for reasons which have slipped me by – maybe the low mind of a ten year old.

The 8.45pm game was better though as we switched over to ITV and watch Brazil beat Peru 3-0. While many were pleased to see Brazil back to some form, there was disappointment with Peru, after what we had seen against Scotland. Already many were speculating over a Brazil-Holland final, although we were aware of the threat from the Argies.

The late night game on the BBC at 11.15pm saw Argentina open their campaign with a 2-0 win over Poland. I didn’t see this one (school always gets in the way of stuff!). Late night kick offs persuaded me to the view that world cup games should start for the convenience of us in the UK. Little did I know that in 2002, I would be watching games kick off at 6.30am and 7.30am.

We could virtually say goodbye to Austria, Peru and Poland leaving five seasoned world cup campaigners.

Group B: West Germany 0-0 Italy

Group B: Netherlands 5-1 Austria
Brandts 6, Rensenbrink (pen) 35, Rep 36, 53, van der Kerkof 82 – Obermayer 80

Group A: Brazil 3-0 Peru
Dirceu 14, 27 Zico 72

Group A: Argentina 2-0 Poland
Kempes 16, 72

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