Wednesday, June 12, 2013

World Cup 1978 - Day Twelve

Monday 12 June

Yes, we soon established at school that we had all seen the game and all seen Archie Gemmill’s goal. The playground saw a few re-enactments that morning. By lunchtime, with the sight of that big red bus to take us to swimming class (see 5 June), my mood had evaporated quickly.

Group One
Italy 6pts (6-2)
Argentina 4pts (4-3)
France 2pts (5-5)
Hungary 0pts (3-8)

Group Two
Poland 5pts (4-1)
West Germany 4pts (6-0)
Tunisia 3pts (3-2)
Mexico 0pts (2-12)

Group Three
Austria 4pts (3-2)
Brazil 4pts (2-1)
Spain 3pts (2-2)
Sweden 1pt (1-3)

Group Four
Peru 5pts (7-2)
Holland 3pts (5-3)
Scotland 3pts (5-6)
Iran 1pt (2-8)

Top scorers:
Cubillas (Peru) 5 goals
Rensenbrink (Holland) 4 goals

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