Monday, June 24, 2013

World Cup 1978 - Day Twenty-Four

Saturday 24 June

The cub scout camp fire was a big event. It was in some sort of outdoor theatre as I can recall sitting towards the back looking down at the scout leaders telling jokes and leading songs. There was a fire going and it was dark – so at this time of year, it must have been late.

Meanwhile, back at home, both channels were showing the game. Third place play offs are strange beasts – no other football tournament has them, yet the world cup persists. In a good game, Brazil defeated Italy 2-1 including a belter of a goal from Nelinho, a Brazilian banana, as they were then called, where the ball swung in from the touchline.

Brazil finished the tournament as the only team not to be defeated.

Third place play-off
Brazil 2-1 Italy
Nelinho 64, Dirceu 71 – Causio 38

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