Thursday, June 15, 2017

World Cup 1986 - Day Three

Monday 2 June 1986

Three games today as we finally got into the action, although limited for TV viewers.

Two games at 7pm but BBC only showed the second half of one and the highlights of the other.

Argentina, led by the enigmatic Diego Maradona (of whom we might hear more!) were many people's favourites for the cup, and made a confident start putting away South Korea. BBC viewers would have just started to watch as the third goal went in. Meanwhile the Soviet Union absolutely demolished Hungary.

For the late 11pm kick off England viewers might have watched the ITV live coverage of two teams in the group, Morocco and Poland - but they would not have seen much in a goalless draw.

Group A:
Argentina 3 South Korea 1
Valdano 6, 46, Ruggeri 18 - Park Chang-Sun 73

Group C:
Soviet Union 6 Hungary 0
Yakovenko 2, Aleinikov 4, Belanov 24 (pen), Yaremchuk 66, 75, Rodionov 80

Group F:
Morocco 0 Poland 0

Group A:
Argentina P1 W1 D0 L0 F3 A1 Pts 2 - +2
Italy P1 W0 D1 L0 F1 A1 Pts 1 - 0
Bulgaria P1 W0 D1 L0 F1 A1 Pts 1 - 0
South Korea P1 W0 D0 L1 F1 A3 Pts 0 - -2

Group C:
Soviet Union P1 W1 D0 L0 F6 A0 Pts 2 - +6
France P1 W1 D0 L0 F1 A0 Pts 2 - +1
Canada P1 W0 D0 L1 F0 A1 Pts 0 - -1
Hungary P1 W0 D0 L1 F0 A6 Pts 0 - -6

Group F:
Morocco P1 W0 D1 L0 F0 A0 Pts 1 - 0
Poland P1 W0 D1 L0 F0 A0 Pts 1 - 0
England P0 W0 D0 L0 F0 A0 Pts 0 - 0
Portugal P0 W0 D0 L0 F0 A0 Pts 0 - 0

Golden Boot
2 - Valdano (Arg), Yaremchuk (Sov)
1 - Ruggeri (Arg), Socrates (Bra), Strakov (Bul), Papin (Fra), Altobelli (Ita),  Park Chang-Sun (SKor), Yakovenko (Sov), Aleinikov (Sov), Belanov (Sov), Rodionov (Sov)


Monday, June 12, 2017

World Cup 1986 - Day Two

Sunday 1 June 1986

ITV finally got going with the opening match for Brazil - always the favourites - but struggling to beat Spain for the 7pm kick off.

At 11pm that evening, another game for the BBC - the first of many late nights for footy fans - as Canada made their debut in world cup finals going down to France 1-0.

Group D:
Brazil 1 Spain 0
Socrates 62

Group C:
France 1 Canada 0
Papin 79

Group C:
France P1 W1 D0 L0 F1 A0 Pts 2 - +1
Soviet Union P0 W0 D0 L0 F0 A0 Pts 0 - 0
Hungary P0 W0 D0 L0 F0 A0 Pts 0 - 0
Canada P1 W0 D0 L1 F0 A1 Pts 0 - -1

Group D:
Brazil P1 W1 D0 L0 F1 A0 Pts 2 - +1
Northern Ireland P0 W0 D0 L0 F0 A0 Pts 0 - 0
Algeria P0 W0 D0 L0 F0 A0 Pts 0 - 0
Spain P1 W0 D0 L1 F0 A1 Pts 0 - -1

Golden Boot
1 - Socrates (Bra), Strakov (Bul), Papin (Fra), Altobelli (Ita)

Trivia: The Number One song at the time was:

The Chicken Song - Spitting Image


World Cup 1986 - Day One

Saturday 31 May 1986

So away we go - and ITV kicked off the World Cup .... by showing a schoolboys international at Wembley between England and Italy!

But that evening BBC showed the opening ceremony followed by live coverage of the opening match kicking off at 7pm - as the defending champions Italy drew a tough game with Bulgaria 1-1.

Group A:
Italy 1 Bulgaria 1
Altobelli 43 - Sirakov 85

Group A:
Italy P1 W0 D1 L0 F1 A1 Pts 1 - 0
Bulgaria P1 W0 D1 L0 F1 A1 Pts 1 - 0
Argentina P0 W0 D0 L0 F0 A0 Pts 0 - 0
South Korea P0 W0 D0 L0 F0 A0 Pts 0 - 0

Golden Boot
1 - Strakov (Bul) Altobelli (Ita)



World Cup 1986 - Introduction

To get us through the summer, a day by day account of what many consider to be the best of all the World Cups - Mexico 1986 - including some YouTube highlights of 'Game Of The Day'.

The previous World Cup in Mexico 1970 was the first that was shown in colour and is best remembered for the magnificent games featuring Brazil as well as (in England minds) the 3-2 quarter final win by West Germany. Again the pictures were sharp and the quality of the sound wonderfully scratchy - and we were all introduced to the 'Mexican wave'.

Football in England was at a low ebb - it was only a year after the ban on European competitions had begun - but Liverpool had dazzled on their way to a League and Cup double, and, with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland all qualifying, hopes were high for an entertaining tournament.

The format was for 24 teams to be placed into six groups. The top two, and the four best placed third placed teams, would advance to the last 16 - which would then be a straight knock out.

Canada, Denmark and Iraq were making their first appearance in a world cup finals

The draw took place on Sunday 15 December 1985 and produced:

Group A: Italy, Argentina, South Korea, Bulgaria
Group B: Mexico, Paraguay, Iraq, Belgium
Group C: France, Soviet Union, Canada, Hungary
Group D: Brazil, Spain, Algeria, Northern Ireland
Group E: West Germany, Uruguay, Denmark, Scotland
Group F: Poland, England, Morocco, Portugal

Here ITV preview the chances of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland