Tuesday, June 18, 2013

World Cup 1978 - Day Eighteen

Sunday 18 June

After what seemed an eternal wait, football is back, and after a lazy Sunday the action restarted at 5.45pm with Poland taking on Peru on ITV.

This was livened up considerably by the sudden appearance of the Peruvian goalie (Quiroga, of whom we will hear more) in the middle of the pitch. This was before the days of goalkeepers rushing forward in the last minute, which we now often see, and so his antics caused much hilarity, especially bringing down an opponent on the halfway line and getting himself booked. However, Poland won the game 1-0 and Peru were out with a whimper.

Two games at 8.45pm and this time we got the selection right. Staying on ITV, Holland’s 2-2 draw with West Germany was quite a treat, the Germans twice leading but the Dutch coming back. BBC had Italy in struggle mode beating Austria 1-0. This was the end for Austria but they were not done yet.

Holland were now on three points with West Germany and Italy both on two – so a win for Holland over Italy would see them through. West Germany had to batter Austria by five goals and hope the other game ended in a draw.

The 11.15pm (which again I didn’t see) was on BBC between Argentina and Brazil and generally considered to be the semi final. The following morning, I bounded down the stairs to ask my Dad the score. Nil-nil, he said. I assumed I had missed a classic and so was disappointed and relieved at the same time.

Argentina and Brazil were now on three points with Poland on two. Brazil had one goal difference extra, but Argentina had a big advantage. Brazil would be playing earlier so Argentina would know what they needed to do when they kicked off. Poland's only hope was to beat Brazil and hope that Argentina would fall to Peru.

Group A: Poland 1-0 Peru
Szarmach 64

Group B: West Germany 2-2 Holland
Haan 27, R van der Kerkhof 82 – Abramczik 3, D. Muller 70

Group B: Italy 1-0 Austria
Rossi 13

Group A: Argentina 0-0 Brazil

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