Saturday, June 8, 2013

World Cup 1978 - Day Eight

Thursday 8 June

School was dominated by talk of the Scotland game and whether England would have done a better job. I recall one friend being very enthusiastic about the Brazilian team, who had not done much so far, and another keenly following the Dutch. In those days the only thing we knew about foreign teams and players were what we read in Shoot!

The story so far:

Group One
Italy 4pts (5-2)
Argentina 4pts (4-2)
France 0pts (2-4)
Hungary 0pts (2-5)

Group Two
West Germany 3pts (6-0)
Poland 3pts (1-0)
Tunisia 2pts (3-2)
Mexico 0pts (1-9)

Group Three
Austria 4pts (3-1)
Brazil 2pts (1-1)
Spain 1pt (1-2)
Sweden 1pt (1-2)

Group Four
Holland 3pts (3-0)
Peru 3pts (3-1)
Scotland 1pt (2-4)
Iran 1pt (1-4)

Top scorers:
Rensenbrink (Holland) 3 goals
Cubillas (Peru)
Luque (Argentina)
Krankl (Austria)
Rummenigge (Germany)
Flohe (Germany)
Rossi (Italy)  2 goals

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