Thursday, June 6, 2013

World Cup 1978 - Day Six

Tuesday 6 June

While we were all discussing the misfortune of the Scots, we still felt they would qualify. A thumping win over Iran would boost confidence while Holland would beat Peru and it would all be open again – that was how our thinking went.

The second round of games began today with ITV kicking off at 5.45pm to see Italy convincingly beating Hungary 3-1. Italy with two wins could now prepare for the next round while Hungary were already thinking of home.

At 8.45pm we had a choice of games and decided to opt for BBC’s showing of West Germany’s comprehensive demolition of Mexico 6-0 over the less exciting ITV’s display of Poland’s 1-0 win over Tunisia, who had a number of chances. Tunisia had surprised people and this was a good omen for the future in that African football was stronger than previously thought.

The late night game, kicking off at 11.15pm, saw Argentina defeating France 2-1 in what I understand, was a great game, but, alas, I would have been packed off to bed with school the next day.

After two games in Group One, Argentina and Italy were both now through with four points and France and Hungary were both out with zero. In Group Two it was West Germany and Poland on three and Tunisia on two with Mexico also preparing their departure after two losses.

With Brazil and Scotland both on tomorrow, it should be a good day.

Group 1: Italy 3-1 Hungary
Rossi 34, Bettega 35, Benetti 61 – Toth (pen) 81

Group 1: Argentina 2-1 France
Passarella (pen) 45, Luque 73 – Platini 60

Group 2: West Germany 6-0 Mexico
D Muller 14, H Muller 29, Rummenigge 38, 71 Flohe 44, 89

Group 2: Poland 1-0 Tunisia
Lato 42

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