Monday, June 10, 2013

World Cup 1978 - Day Ten

Saturday 10 June

Probably shopping, Roy of the Rovers, and then the footy.

France v Hungary was meaningless as both were out, and apparently a delayed kick off meant the BBC missed most of the second half so that The Good Life started on time (Priorities, eh?). France won 3-1 nonetheless.

We all of course know about the great Hungary team of the 1950s, but here Hungary had lost all three games. Hungary beat El Salvador 10-1 in 1982, a record, but they have failed to qualify for the world cup since 1986.

For the 8.45pm game we opted to watch West Germany play Tunisia on BBC – a dull 0-0 – whereas TV had Poland beating Mexico 3-1. This meant that Poland topped the group with West Germany second.

I have very clear memories of the big game in the evening – Italy v Argentina kicking off at 11.15pm on ITV. I sat close to the telly as Italy beat Argentina 1-0 in a very good game. Although both had already qualified, the winner of the group would be joining West Germany while second place would possibly be facing Brazil – so although some said this game was fixed, I am not sure – I think Argentina would have preferred to avoid the Brazilians.

Italy topped Group One with Argentina second. France and Hungary on the way home. Mexico also away after a poor tournament but Tunisia had surpassed expectations and could be satisfied.

Group 1: France 3-1 Hungary
Lopez 23, Berdoll 38, Rocheteau 42 – Zombori 41

Group 2: Poland 3-1 Mexico
Boniek 42, 83 Deyna 52 – Rangel 51

Group 2: West Germany 0-0 Tunisia

Group 1: Italy 1-0 Argentina
Bettega 67

Second round groups so far:
Group A: West Germany & Italy
Group B: Poland & Argentina

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