Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It is Saturday, it is 3pm. That means Kick-off!

Welcome to my new blog in which I intend to record my love of televised football from 1969 to 1989.

I was not born until 1967, so my earliest memory is not until the 1976 FA Cup Final, but since then I have developed an appreciation of football since the days of colour television. You will see here many references to Match of the Day (when Jimmy Hill presented it), The Big Match (I have all the DVDs) and other events when a football fan would sit in front of the TV in the 1970s and 1980s.

I have chosen these dates as a forgotten pre-Premiership, pre-Sky era when live football was a special event, when most players and managers were British, where the referees wore black and the goalkeepers wore green, where there were characters both on the pitch and in the dug out, when only champions qualified for the European Cup, when players wore 1-11, and when the FA Cup Final day was a special nationwide event.

There were of course low points - such as hooliganism and the ban from Europe, and grounds in a poor condition, but in the true spirit of nostalgia we will try to forget the bad bits and concentrate on the good bits. Even if no-one reads this blog, I will try to add videos, comments, reviews and other bits of interest to me as an on-line record.

So to start, here are a few minutes of the first game I remember watching on television - the 1976 FA Cup Final when second division Southampton defeated the great Manchester United 1-0.

This video and blog are dedicated to the memory of my best friend, Adam Rowe, a keen Southampton fan, who died in October 2012. Rest in peace.

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